Journey through India’s heritage – Part 1


About the book :

This book offers a detailed illustrative account of the most significant monuments of Bihar, Tamilnadu and Odisha States of India. It showcases the rich heritage of India spanning from prehistoric era to the medieval era. It starts with the description of the rich legacy of powerful kingdoms in Rajgir and the ruins of one of the greatest ancient international university in Nalanda, travels through the magnificent stone art of the mighty pallava dynasty in Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram and reaches its culmination in the splendid temples of Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark. The author’s approach has been to visit the concerned locations to get the feel of the place. The details have been collected onsite and from other authentic sources. The unique aspect of this book is that it covers the legends, history, art and architecture of these places which are interspersed with striking photographs of the important features of the monuments. The whole effect is of walking through the history and architecture of these sites. The delicate balance of pictorial journey ensures that this book will be a great souvenir and a great guide for any visitors to these magnificent places.


About the Author:

Ruchi is a History and Law Graduate from Delhi University with an MBA from Madras University. She is a Bank-empaneled lawyer and has taught at several MBA institutions as a visiting faculty. She has always had a fascination for Indian art, temples and culture that has led her to travel and write on the various architectural wonders of India.

She has authored two books – 1) Journey Through India’s Heritage and 2) The little Brown Girl : A collection of short stories

She can be followed on @RuchiPritam.


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