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  • Madhubani Painting on Handmade Khadi Sheet made with Natural Colors
  • Usage: Perfect for home decor, and office decoration. Paintings for bedroom, living room, stairs, dining room,  for gifting, etc.
  • The walls look elegant and eye-catching. 
  • Carefully packed in professional hardboard for Damage-Free deliveries
  • The lifespan of 100+ years in ideal indoor condition
  • Dimension : 25X11 (Inches)
  • With Frame

Madhubani painting is a traditional folk art form originating from Mithila, Bihar, India. Mithila art features vibrant colours, intricate designs, and bold lines. The Madhubani paintings depict themes from mythology, nature, and everyday life. Created using natural dyes and pigments, each element holds a symbolic significance, telling a deep narrative. Madhubani painting is a medium of cultural preservation and empowerment. It has gained international recognition and adds elegance and cultural richness wherever it is displayed.

Add traditional charm to your space with framed Madhubani art painting. Vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and symbolic elements create a captivating visual centerpiece. This handcrafted piece reflects the rich cultural heritage of Madhubani art, taking you into the world of mythology and everyday life. Perfect for the home or office, it adds sophistication and artistic flair to any wall. Experience the beauty and storytelling of Madhubani with this extraordinary piece of art.

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25X11 (Inches)


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